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From the author: I learned this “total vulnerability for the sake of personal growth” bit from one of my all-time heroes, James Altucher, who inspired me by standing in the middle of a crowded subway and doing stand-up comedy.

I was not a fan of Joel Brown.

Joel, famous for Addicted2Success.com. Joel who, every time I went to his website (which was way flashier than mine) filled me with a burning jealousy that would absolutely cause me to lose all focus, drive and motivation.

Interestingly, exactly the opposite of what Addicted2Success is all about. 😆

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I remember the morning that I went to his site. (IAmJoelBrown.com – not Addicted2Success.com) It was the last morning I was ever jealous of him. Up until that morning, I thought I wanted to be him, or Tony Robbins, or whoever, because I so admired them. (When, in actual fact, my niche is totally different to theirs.) But, like I said, it was the last time I was ever jealous of him.


I told my wife how awful I was feeling. (Envy makes you feel like such shit. 😞) My darling wife has this saying: Eyes on your own apples. It comes from this idea that we’re all apple trees. All of us are producing apples of some sort. It’s what we gift to the world. We draw upon all of our resources, and grow to the point that we actually start to produce, and then… Voila! Our apples appear. But, so often, we have our eyes on the apples produced by the tree down the way from us. How stupid is that? Doesn’t it make sense to focus on our own apples? Seeing what someone else is producing, on a totally different tree, in a totally different part of the world, does us absolutely no good, when we’re looking upon it with envy.

How about we grow instead, and try to keep up? How about we let their apples inspire us, instead of kill our morning?

My sweetpea wife has another saying: Stupid should hurt. So, when I told her that I was feeling jealous of poor Joel Brown (who I’d never spoken to at that point) because I had navigated to his website and seen how flashy-dash it was, she said both of her sayings to me:

  1. Stupid should hurt.
  2. Eyes on your own apples.

We talked about it some more. I realized that my envy was standing in the way of the success that I wanted to have – the success I’d been hungering for since… forever it seemed. I was the cause of my own roadblock. Not Joel. Not anybody. No one but me.

My angelic wife’s third saying: It’s all your fault and no one is coming to save you. She sounds like a ruthless bitch, right? 😆 She is. Deal with it. (I have to!) So, this was all my fault (true) and no one was coming to save me (also, true).

So, I’d better do something about it, right? Right.

This Affirmation Changed My Life

I love Louise Hay. She’s the Queen of Affirmations. Dr. Bruce Lipton tells us that our subconscious can be programmed through repetition. Tony Robbins says essentially, “Why just repeat when we can leverage e-motion (energy + motion) and incant our way out of trouble?” So, I came up with the incantation that I would scream at myself over, and over, and over again on my daily runs:

“I am overjoyed by, and promote __Name of Object of Envy__’s success.
I love __Name of Object of Envy__.
I am always safe.”

The first incantation I did read (or screamed) like this: I am overjoyed by, and promote Joel Brown’s success. I love Joel Brown. I am always safe.

(Disclaimer: The “I am always safe” bit is taken right out of Louise Hay’s playbook. It might sound strange in Western civilization, but a strong primal desire of ours as humans is to feel safe.)

I did that for about an hour on that first day. And, when I say that I incanted it, I’m super serious. I was screaming this to myself as I ran along a busy road. I was slapping my chest, jumping up and down. Fist pumping to emphasize the words. I would actually make a deal with God as I ran full tilt up hills, that for every ounce of effort I put in running the hill, that equivalent of success would be metaphysically added to his life – not mine. When I came back, I’d had a revelation. I knew I had to do something drastically uncomfortable. I had to promote Joel Brown, and his success. But, how?

[aesop_image imgwidth=”40%” img=”https://dannyzoucha.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Joel-Brown-Impactstagram-@dannyzoucha.jpg” align=”right” lightbox=”on” caption=”Joel Brown, Inductee No. 02 in the Hall of #Impactstagram” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”inplaceslow” overlay_revealfx=”off”]

This is how my #Impactstagram series of posts was birthed on my Instagram profile. They are posts that pay tribute to the people that have had the greatest impact on me, in my life and personal growth. And, guess who was the first inductee into my Hall of #Impactstagram?

Tony Robbins.

(Sorry, Joel. I couldn’t pass up Tony!)

But, guess who was the second inductee? 😄 Joel Brown.

#Impactstagram 002: Joel Brown

I wasn’t a fan of Joel’s before I wrote about him. Then I did my incantations and started breaking down the jealousy walls that I’d been building around myself for probably decades. I wanted to write about a paragraph about him, and I wanted it to be real. I looked into him. I read about him. I researched him. I determined myself to love him, which really wasn’t that difficult, because the guy is a total legend.

Finally, I sat down to write this:

#Impactstagram 002:

@iamjoelbrown Here’s what I love about the creator of @addicted2success —> He’s from W.A. I know to most people that doesn’t mean much. But, for a guy who came from #Nebraska, to now living on the Gold Coast of Australia, it means a lot. Now, I love Nebraska. NE is amazing. It has amazing people. Amazing landscape. It’s just a really cool place. But, most folks in America consider it to be a “fly over” state.

Juxtapose that with @westernaustralia. If you live on the east coast, you’re pretty suspicious of anything west of The Great Dividing Range. To be from W.A., at least for most on the East Coast… you might as well be in another country. “Nothing happens there.” “It’s so boring.” “The people there have two heads.” Fair? Of course not. W.A. is, if we on the East Coast are all honest with ourselves, a whole lot better than the east. Apparently the weather is nicer, the water is fresher, the landscape more breathtaking, and the people more earthy. Relevant to me? Yes. This is why Joel has had a major impact on me. He’s come from a place most people regard as way off the beaten track, and succeeded in spite of it. Difficult to do? Not with the right mindset – which Joel has in spades. If you don’t check his stuff out, yet – DO so. Podcast, blog, speaking – all of that. Addicted2Success and Joel are a one-stop shop for those looking to improve their lives.

Joel is the first of my “definitely want to have coffee with” people who followed me on Instagram. We’re also connected on LinkedIn. Getting something like that from a guy like him is a huge boost. I don’t care how many people he follows, or who I am in relation to his feed. The fact that he followed me and didn’t just unfollow me as soon as I followed back means a lot. Thanks, Joel.


Joel may have been 002 on the #Impactstagram list, but he was the reason behind the whole thing. Plus, you need to see his response to believe it :


[aesop_image imgwidth=”75%” img=”https://dannyzoucha.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Joel-Browns-Response-to-Danny-Zoucha.png” align=”center” lightbox=”on” caption=”Joel Brown’s totally legit response to his being featured in my #Impactstagram series on Instagram.” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”inplaceslow” overlay_revealfx=”off”]

See that? I’ve been personally invited out to Western Australia, for him to buy me a coffee. How indescribably cool is that?? (When, if you’re intelligent, you as the understudy should be hounding your would-be mentor, begging for an attempt to sit down with them at any point, anywhere, so that you can purchase them enough food and/or drink to keep them there long enough so that their success vibes rub off on you.) Without Joel, I wouldn’t be doing what I am now: Giving away some of the best content from all of the #Impactstagram inductees of July 2017. I’m just givin’ it away, because let me tell you – even though it started out as a growth opportunity for me, the response from my community has been huge.

[aesop_image imgwidth=”100%” img=”https://dannyzoucha.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Responses-to-Impactstagram-@DannyZoucha.png” align=”center” lightbox=”on” caption=”Real responses from the amazing community building around #Impactstagram.” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”inplaceslow” overlay_revealfx=”off”]


People love it! It helps them to connect and reconnect with some of the greatest and most inspirational people in the world. I’m a huge collector of these types of people, and it’s my gift to my followers. Plus! I’m getting feedback about their personal faves, and my collection grows. (A follower has even followed suit and done her own #impactstagram post about Lady Diana.)

People comment more (legit comments) for my #Impactstagram posts than any other, by far. It has turned into such a blessing for me, thanks to the increased engagement and conversations I’ve had with people, that I just had to spread that around. So, I said to myself, “When I reach 1,000 followers, I’ll do a giveaway of the best stuff from the inductees of that month.”

July 19th, 2017 is when it happened.

[aesop_image imgwidth=”100%” img=”https://dannyzoucha.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Danny-Zoucha-instagram-reaches-1000-followers.jpg” align=”center” lightbox=”on” caption=”Of course, I screenshotted when I make it to 1,000 followers!” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”inplaceslow” overlay_revealfx=”off”]

Carol Tuttle + Danny

Carol wasn’t in the July list (she was in May), but thanks to a blog post I wrote a little while ago, my wife and I have been invited out to do a Facebook Live event with her in Utah, August 25th. (Did we accept? Of course we did! Make sure to follow her and me on Facebook for updates!) Part of this giveaway, therefore gives what she is probably best known for: Her Dressing Your Truth system for either male or female, depending on who wins. This alone is valued at around $150.

For Ladies…

For Men…

But, I also have books, video, audio… I even had an inductee who donated a 30-day online fitness coaching regime valued at around $300 from Dennis Vermazeren. On his podcast, this guy has had people like Carter Good, Chris Elkins, Jordan Syatt, Dr. Jacob Harden, Silent Mike, and yes, the queen of online fitness, Amanda Bucci.

This thing is going epic style. All because Joel Brown inspired me. He impacted me in a big way.

If you want to get in on the giveaway action, click here. If you want to see who the inductees for July were, and get an idea of what you stand to receive, the list is below. Thanks, to everyone on the list. Thanks, especially, to Joel. 🙏 I literally would not have done it without his influence.

July 2017 #Impactstagram Inductees:

  1. Jamie Oliver
  2. Richard Branson
  3. Shawn Achor
  4. Louisa May Alcott
  5. Dennis Vermazeren
  6. Marty Stouffer
  7. T Harv Eker
  8. Gordon Buchanan
  9. Dr. Bruce Lipton
  10. Preston Smiles
  11. Riley Dayne
  12. Joe Vitale
  13. Steve Irwin
  14. Dana Wilde
  15. John Williamson
  16. Alexi Panos
  17. Nick Vujicic
  18. Ike Allen
  19. Steve Backshall
  20. Ellen DeGeneres
  21. Bob Proctor
  22. David Attenborough
  23. George McGavin
  24. Mike Dooley
  25. Byron Katie
  26. Roald Dahl
  27. C.S. Lewis

Every single person on this list will be represented in the giveaway prize. If you have any sense, you’ll head over here and sign yourself up. Not for my sake, but yours! It’s free swag from some of the greatest influencers around! You can triple or quintuple your chances to succeed by sharing it around and following me on YouTube. But, seriously, if all you did was go to my Instagram account and read through my tribute to each of these people, I’d be honored.

PS – I mention James Altucher at the beginning, but he’s not in this list. That’s because he was one of the very first inductees months ago, along with every other person mentioned in this post but not in the list. 👍

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