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Too many, I say too many women are put in my path with money problems; lack of inspiration; difficulty motivating their family; lack of sex drive, and the list goes on. Why? It’s because their men aren’t actually playing the man. They’re forcing their lady to play the man. The men are barely entities that emit vibrations of life. Often, they take up a lot of space and leave behind a big pile of shit.

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Of course, it’s not hard to understand why these women want something to change, however, few are the women that arrive at my doorstep who haven’t first had to swallow every ounce of pride that they have to admit they’ve got a problem – and that it’s their husband. No matter how desperate their need, you can bet if they’ve summoned their courage, they’ve gotten cold feet many times before.


Why? Why would it get better when you’re not demanding any better? Girls, every time you let the team down so as not to upset Loser #1 or Deadbeat #2, you rob yourself, your children (if you have them) and ultimately your man himself of an extraordinary life.

If you haven’t read my post Picking the Best Girl to Build the Greatest Man, then you should do so. Because, while the greatness lies in him, it takes the swift, firm kick of a female to his ass to really make it ignite. Someone needs to be his partner! The one in his corner telling him he has to get back up, and instilling him with the confidence that he can get back up. (This is, of course, after you’ve convinced him that the life for him is one of contest – in which he pits himself against himself, to determine his destiny.)


Look, I understand he can make your life miserable if you don’t toe the line.

But isn’t a line-toeing life pretty miserable, too?


Okay, so here’s a bit of truth. There was a time when I was quite happy to play the deadbeat. I’ve looked back on that time in my life with a fair amount of personal disdain, but I’ve come to terms with it. Ultimately, my wife came to a point where she said, as the great Tony Robbins says, “That’s it! No more! Never again! It’s over!”

Thankfully, she didn’t give me the way out of a quick and easy divorce.

She obviously had to have seen something in me from earlier in my life that said, “This guy has what it takes.” I imagine that you had a similar experience in relation to your spouse.

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But, guys are lazy if you let them be. Lack of confidence can play a huge role in this. At some point, I just started slowing down until I was basically coasting. Not toward anything particularly sinister. Just average. No greatness on my horizon.

Well, she wasn’t having that. And mostly, she made the decision because of our child. This is the embarrassing part. She had to make the decision that I was going to man up. I wish I’d done it on my own, but this is definitely second best.

Thanks, babe.

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