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Are you finding your current job choice isn’t meeting the career goals you had in mind when you were brighter-eyed and bushier-tailed? I’ve got a couple of friends and/or clients that have recently been struggling with a job that you wouldn’t exactly call ideal. If you’ve ever been hired to do one job and found yourself doing another, you’ll understand just one of the issues faced. Been picked on at work? There’s another. Felt like the job you applied for is now sucking the very soul out of your body to the point that upon arrival at home you just curl up inside your small wardrobe and sob for several hours? Then you know what I’m talking about.

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Lost your good referral with a storm out? Replace them with a transition job.


Let’s face it. We’ve all worked a bad job and simply wanted to give a full-on spray to all the assholes, drop the mic, and like Scarface from Half Baked, declare “I’m out!”

However, as satisfied as that diatribe may leave you, if you have any desire to find a suitable job in the future, you may want the referral from your employer. (Although, being totally upfront with your interviewer and simply telling him/her that your previous boss was a Grade A Prick, and that is why you left isn’t actually a bad option. Most people can empathize with an experience with a horrible boss, and will appreciate the honesty. Hell, you might even bond.)

But, if that’s not your style, I’d recommend the stepping stone method. This is going to require some pavement pounding. As in, you have to go looking. The internet is a wonderful thing because you can pound digital pavement from the comfort of your very own home.

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However, a help wanted sign might simply be placed in a window and not online. Be aware of your surroundings. Because, if you’re like many people, you actually don’t have a good handle on what you’d like to do. You just know it’s not what you’re currently doing. (Or, you know you don’t want to do it with whom you’re currently doing it.)


And, guess what? Sometimes a transition job is just the thing you need to gain some perspective on your long-term career. Not only do you get away from the job you’re not keen on, you also get some new experience elsewhere in the marketplace. Because, even if you end up leaving after a couple months for something better, at least you’ve gotten a stronger handle on your desired outcome. And, like the toy in the Happy Meal, provided you stay friendly with your transition job colleagues, you will have replaced your old, poor referral. Bonus!

Need more convincing? It’s fun! I remember making the decision to leave the job I was at shortly before moving from America to Australia. However, at that point in my life, cash was something I definitely wanted more of, not less. So, I needed the interim job. My old job was an office setting. My new job was an outdoor setting, where my delicate keyboard-style fingers got to feel actual physical elements like dirt, metal and water! I felt so rugged!

Was it exactly what I wanted? Hell no. I haven’t’ worked a job like that since (for pay). But, with a simple mindset change, I was able to ensure that I took advantage of all that job had to offer besides money. Did I mention the reason I was moving to Australia was a girl? Yeah, she didn’t mind it when I turned up with a deeper tan, more toned arms, rougher hands, and a slimmer waist. (How a slimmer waist? When you’re doing physical work outside, by yourself, not only do you burn more energy, you also have the option to mentally discipline yourself to not eat lunch. Still don’t to this day.)

When I got to Australia, once I’d fulfilled my “no work for X amount of time” obligation to the Gov, I got straight back onto my career path, but in a better position. How? I had a much better idea of what I wanted in a job, was able to distribute that energy into the field, and it came to me.

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