I’m funny. 
(Stay with me. I’m not just bragging.)

Deliberately so, but not naturally. My sense of humor isn’t actually that great. I’m not super quick with a pun, and frequently things go right over my head. (Especially as an American living in Australia.)

However, my wife thinks I’m hilarious because I tailor my approach to her. My aim is to tickle her funny bone as much as possible. (Keeps/gets me out of trouble. 😎)

The Pareto Principle states that if you have, in this instance, 10 things that keep your wife happy, two of those things (20%) will do more for her happiness than the other eight (80%) combined.

So, that’s what I do.

  1. Make her tea.
  2. Make her laugh.

 (Among other things… 😏)

These things make up for roughly 20% of the different ways I can keep her happy, that get me a huge return on my time/effort investment.

It’s a system. I am all about systems.

I see the world in systems. I told a client that once, and he visibly shuddered at the prospect. He was one of those big, important entrepreneur types who sees the universe in huge visions that change the world… and that’s fine. You might be one of those people.

Nevertheless, visions don’t implement themselves.

That is where my systems and I come in.

I have used systems to:

  • Build a team from seven to 35 with no increase in operational expenses, thanks to my ruthless expense cutting.
  • Clean one entrepreneur’s schedule to the point that they “found” an extra 2-3 hours each day. (That’s about two extra 7-hour days to get stuff done, each and every work week!)
  • Turn a Facebook Ads department that did nothing but bleed, into one that has never lost money.
  • Get entrepreneurs onto podcasts every other day, in perpetuity.
  • Launch a whole new website with proper A/B testing capabilities, so that approximately every three weeks an extra $25k/annually was added in revenue.

I don’t mess around with my systems.

Anyone can tell you what to do. 

I’m the guy who can tell you how to do it.