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The Well-Ordered Husband

Saving the world, one family at a time.
My Story

When I say, "Saving the world..."

…I mean it.

Picture this… your childhood. What about it did you not like? Have you ever thought about what kind of a job your parents did as… parents? I’m sure you’ve compared yourself to them whether for good or bad, right?

What if we could change the trajectory of the human race simply by ensuring that our families were solid; that mom and dad loved each other. That they brought kids into the world and loved them, treasured them.

What if you had a great dad? What if you married a great husband?

I can show you what’s worked for me.

It might just work for you.

Recent Articles

Here’s a few of the best that I’ve got to offer. Dive in, learn what I do, then see how you can apply to your own life. I can all but guarantee if you follow my lead, you’ll learn something, and everyone in your house will wind up happier.

My Wife Shaved Her Head in Kansas

My Wife Shaved Her Head in Kansas

I was almost entirely sure that the events transpiring were not, in fact, legal.

I was in the local liquor store. In Kansas, you can’t even buy wine in a grocery store, which is where I’d normally bought it in Nebraska during our tenure there. (Kansans consider wine “hard liquor.”)  It was simply easier. Now, having relocated to a new Airbnb in Smalltown, Kansas, I was having to relearn the rules.

Carol Tuttle & The Dress Your Truth Phenomenon

Carol Tuttle & The Dress Your Truth Phenomenon

I really couldn’t understand why my mother-in-law was sobbing.

I thought I was being abundantly clear. Which was frustrating the heck out of me because I really can’t stand it when women cry. (I really don’t like it when anyone cries, to be honest. It’s super awkward. For this reason my wife has determined me to be mildly autistic.) All I told her was that every decision she’d ever made in life was probably the wrong one.

Danny's Top [Little Known] Ways to be a Better Husband

You might think you know these. But, you don’t. Not even close. This isn’t a list for the faint of heart. But is for those who want a change in their life. Who want to apply just a couple strategies and watch their labors bear fruit.

Interested? Read on.


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